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Open Door Program FAQ

What exactly are Open Door Program?

The Open Door Program is a collection of home programs that offer discounts, rebates and special loan programs to our local community heroes when they are either buying, selling or refinancing their homes.

How can I qualify for a Open Door Program?

Qualification for the program is based on several factors such as what state you’re in, your occupation or military service and or different available local government and bond programs.

How much will I save if I qualify for a Open Door Program?

The Open Door Program  rebates and discounts will vary depending on combination of home price, mortgage amount, policy amount, and number of other factors. One thing is certain.. on average you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in your transactions by qualifying for our home programs.

What's the catch and are there any fees in a Open Door Program?

The Open Door Program has no hidden fees. The catch is that depending on where you live, there are different grants and programs that may be available for you. Our accredited lenders will do the research for you to save you the time and ensure you have the best options available.

What if I am already working with another agent or lender outside of Open Door Program?

You can only receive Open Door Program benefits when you are working with one of our local lenders. If you already have an agent or lender, we recommend you speak to an accredited Open Door Program lender to make sure you’re getting the best benefits available.